"Sport the YOUth"

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange,

Zakopane, Poland.



     Living standards and good medical care, life expectancy in Europe have increased during last decades. However, owing to physical inactivity, poor diet and nutrition, and risky behavior - the quality of healthy lifestyle has decreased in the same period.
     According to EUROSTAT, weight problems and obesity are increasing at a rapid rate in most of the EU Member States, with estimates of 51.6 % of the EU’s population (18 and over) overweight, and above 20% obese in 2018. Additionally, lifestyle suffered many changes in recent decades (such as higher level of everyday stress, the overuse of sedentary entertainment - television, computers, cell phones, and video games, and the lack of face to face communication), and modern EU population is moving too little and neglecting obvious hazards of so called modern lifestyle.
     This leads to an increased level of general health risks and the cost of these trends is unacceptable since they put a considerable strain on healthcare and social resources. For individuals, those problems further may be linked to a wide range of psychological problems. Besides health damage, current lifestyle followed with less physical activity decreases opportunities for socialization, networking, and cultural identity, which itself supports the social exclusion of youngsters. On the other hand, most often, socially excluded young people tend to become physically and socially inactive.


The event in Zakopane will gather 24 youthscand youth workers from 6 European countries (5 participants + 1 Youth Leader):
Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Lithuania.

For further details please refer to the Infopack.


Food, accommodation and local travel costs (only during the activity program) will be covered 100% by the grant from local National Agency of Erasmus+. Travel costs are refunded up to the limit described in the Infopack.




      Travel and accident insurance is a responsibility of the participants. You are advised to buy a regular travel and/ or accident insurance during your travel and your whole stay.  

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