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"MMS - mental health, mindfulness, support"
no. UKR/2022/W/0053

Flashmob made by the project participants at the end of the event.


Dates and location: 4 - 11/07/2022 Zakopane, Poland

    MMS-Mental health, mindfulness, support - what the participants (24 people aged 18-25) will work on and within 7 days from Poland and Ukraine. They will meet in Zakopane, they will think about issues that will help them achieve changes and influence a larger group of people around in the field of mental health, help with post-traumatic stress, and mental support.

During the activity, the most activating forms of non-formal education will be used: reflections, brainstorming, theater of the excluded, games, internet quizes, yoga, meditation, support groups. At the end of the activity, the youth will create their own support guide, where they will complete the information on the aspects of mental health (healthy eating, sports, social contacts, sleep, mindfulness, stress techniques). We expect young people to gain valuable experience, rest, gain strength, learn about a
different country, culture and tradition, and meet new friends, thus broadening their own intercultural horizons and opening
themselves to the world.


Food, accommodation and local travel costs (only during the activity program) will be covered 100% by the grant.



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