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(information on projects from before 2021 available on demand)
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"ParticipACTION: boost youth participation and entrepreneurship" UKR/2021/W/0069

Our Polish-Ukrainian youth exchange located in Wisznice, Poland, July 2021, focused on raising youth entrepreneurial awareness and social activity, embraced 14 participants from each country. 

Kopia Niebieski i Żółty Światło Słoneczne Klasa Zarządzanie Plakat.png

"Digital You and Me" Erasmus+ youth exchange no.2019-1-PL01-KA105-062846

International event of 40 Polish, Russian, Moldovan, Italian, Estonian youths, located in Wisznice, poland in January 2020. It was focused on active digital and social youth involvement,


"We Are One" Erasmus+ Youth Exchange 2020-2-DK01-KA105-075193

Youth exchange took place on 10 - 19 August 2021 Brøns, Denmark. It embraced 5 participants from Poland. The project focused on the inclusion and understanding how to be minority.


Poland and Lithuania: business up! covid down! no. PLF/2021/F1/W/0009

Polish-Lithuanian Youth Exchange located in Wisznice, Poland in July 2021, focused on raising youth entrepreneurship. It embraced 12 participants from each country.

Niebieski i Żółty Światło Słoneczne Klasa Zarządzanie Plakat.jpg

European Solidarity Corps project
"Mundekulla: Sustainable Living and Organization"

Within this project our volunteer traveled to Sweden to work at the Mundekula social center 8 months on 02-10/2021.


"Outdoors for inclusion"Erasmus+ youth workers mobility

Mobility of youth workers took place on 28.09 - 06.10.2021 in Strengberg, Austria, about how to use the outdoors as a tool for youth inclusion.

Image by Dimitry Anikin

"Wise Wild World"
Erasmus+ training course

Arborea (Sardinia, Italy) 21st - 27th September 2021. Active learning environment by using methods of "outdoor experiential education & wilderness therapy".

Image by Juli Kosolapova

"RESILIENT YOUTH for a Sustainable Future" Erasmus+ training course

18-24 SEPTEMBER 2021, CALALZO DI CADORE (BL) ITALY. Erasmus+ project aimed to promote the society well-being through the people’s self-empowerment and self-development with an important role of active citizenship and intercultural dialogue.

Image by Sean Deponti


SEPTEMBER 3- 10, 2021. SAKARYA, TURKEY. The development of social skills such as effective communication, self-reliance, ability to take initiative, leadership, learning to learn, critical and creative thinking is required by each young person. The project aimed to contribute to realistic studies on addressing the basic problems.

Image by Devon Janse van Rensburg

- KHIK IT - Strategies to engage socially isolated youngsters, Erasmus+

Erasmus+ project created in response to the emergence of a new form of youth distress, revealed through a voluntary social isolation. It is a phenomenon that affects young people aged 14 to 30, who often experience school phobia and school withdrawal, obsessive and compulsive symptoms, social avoidance, apathy and depressed mood. 

Image by Adam Jang

TALìA  (Listening  Techniques  for  Audiovisual  Language)

Erasmus+ training course organized by La Bandita in Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Workshop  that uses  cinema  as  a  tool  for stimulating  self-reflection  and  critical  thinking among participants,  adopting  an  interac6ve  and multisensory approach.

Image by Jeremy Yap

"Come on Youth, Let's Intern!"

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange organized in Turkey, 25 NOV - 04 DEC 2021 TOKAT . The aim of this course was to enable students to gain internship awareness in national/international areas in order to improve their vocational and skills competencies and thus to increase employment rates.

Image by Brooke Cagle

"Learn Creative, Act Creative" – Youth Exchange Erasmus+

4th - 15th September 2021 Kobuleti, Georgia. The main aim of the project was to use art to assist of creation tolerant society, where people will be equally included despite their gender, sexual orientation, ethnic and religion belonging or health condition. The project brought together 60 young people from 10 different countries.

Image by Nika Tabatadze

"Turn your mind green!"

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange 

25 NOV - 06 DEC 2021 Sinaia, Prahova County, Romania. “Turn Your Mind Green” project tackles the current environmental problems EU states are
facing and how they are affecting communities and citizens’ health and wellbeing. Recent
statistics by the World Health Organisation (WHO) show that Eastern Europe is the continent’s most polluted region.

Image by Andrew Coelho

"Steps to Connection" ERASMUS+
training course

15 - 24.09.2021 (travel days + 8 days of activity) Alpignano (TO), Italy. Young people are growing up into being adults who fear the unknown and radicalise themselves within their own peer groups. Nonviolent communication (NVC) as a unique approach that is very much needed in all levels of our society and communities, especially among people who work with youth to break this pattern and bring a new approach that fosters compassion and mutual understanding, as the opposite to radicalisation of youth.

Korzystanie z gadżetu cyfrowego

"Youngership" Erasmus+ training course

September 17-23, 2021_Camping L'albufera (Valencia), Spain. The Project aligned to 2020 programme priority by equipping 27 youth work with competences and methods (100 Inner Leadership & Positive Intelligence Action Cards) for their professional development, needed for transferring a common fundamental value – inner leadership, which is “all about being true to yourself and doing what you need to do because it is right for you.

Image by Quique Olivar

Erasmus+ training course

September 23 - 29, 2021_Camping L'albufera (Valencia). It aimed to raise awareness regarding the importance of entrepreneurship education and funding opportunities among youth workers through: 1 study case about the startup ecosystem from 10 countries in 10 languages, 10 awareness workshops for European youth workers (150 participants) and 10 local workshops for young people with fewer opportunities (200 participants).

Image by Reiseuhu

Erasmus+ youth exchange

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange. 20th to 27th of August 2021 Romania – Sinaia, Prahova County.
The purpose of the project is to achieve more active involvement of young people in decision making process in society.

Image by Arnaud Jaegers
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