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Cairo - Cape Town 2016 -17

A woman's solo hitchhiking trip to the edge of Africa. 

The journey, abundant with adventures and dangers, started in March 2016 in Cairo, where she flew via Istanbul from Poland, and took over a year until its end on the southern tip of South Africa. We were the "golden sponsor" of the expedition made by the Broken Compass.


It had an aim to learn about women's life in visited African countries, increase cultural awareness, create a series of blogs on traveling across Africa which will were particularly focused on female travelers. It aimed also to find traces of famous historical female travelers (e.g. Delia Akeley, Florence Baker), Polish traveler Kazimierz Nowak and marks of Polish refugees that took shelter in Africa in 20th century.

You may get in touch with the heroine of this journey via the linked FB page above or contact:

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