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IT products and solutions

As part of the implementation of educational projects, more than once we had to create a solution that would function on the Internet and allow the target group to fulfill the assumptions made in the project we were implementing. As a result of these needs, we began to create online products with an educational context, falling within the framework of our projects, and which we can present below as a spectrum of tasks that we can perform within the framework of your project.

Citrus Fruits

Educational quizz and game developed within the frameworks of Erasmus+ international partnership project

"ECHO – Cultural Heritage for Inclusion and Participation" which you can find on our sites.

     We cooperate also with a game development studio Rarykos. It's a young innovative studio that recently made a bravura entry into the game development market with the original production of a tactical-economic game, Winter Falling: Battle Tactics,  available for purchase on major software platforms. Here below you may check just a few products they made available for free when they started (all free demos available on this site).
     If your idea includes a project where we combine educational content with the technical side of game development, we are the team that can make it happen.

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