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Our Team.

The foundation has been established by a Polish writer Mr. Jacek Rębacz in 2012. Since then are committed wholeheartedly to the development of education level among the adults and the youths, particularly with use of non-formal education methods. 

We focus on educational activities aimed to face social problems like violence, discrimination, racism, hate speech, problem of inadequate level of education, problems which the youths encounter while starting their adventure on the labor market, projects aimed for raising entrepreneurial and civic awareness, and projects on ecological awareness, projects focused on sustainable development, Green Policies, reduction of the human footprint. We also implement projects aimed to set work placements abroad, support vocational education of young people, create online educational products and solutions. These projects include individual career development, vocational courses and traineeships on national level, aimed at adult unemployed, disabled people and recently embracing also the Ukrainian refugees of all ages.

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