Projects / Nasze działania

We design projects and implement from the starting point to its finish to create unique products. 

What We Do


      The Green Elephant Foundation / Fundacja "Zielony Słoń" is a group of people who design and implement initiatives, projects aimed to create unique educational results and products.

   Based on our skills and experience we organize unique training courses for other educators, trainers, youth workers and young people. We provide educational events for youths and adult learners. We often develop our services with use of European funds such as Erasmus Plus and other grants. 

        Apart from international projects we also develop domestic initiatives in area of literacy, support reading, collect and protect books, promote valuable cultural heritage. 

          We are also the only foundation supported by the Polish novel writer Jacek Rebacz. 

         Our main area of activity is non-formal education of youths and adults as well as senior people. We specialize particularly in providing of training events for trainers, youth workers, educators. 

           We also create international partnerships, write project proposals and submit them to certain calls in order to obtain a grant to finance our project initiatives. Our team has accomplished a number of projects in area of non-formal education and cultural awareness financed under European Lifelong Learning programme and Polish funds.



What We Believe in


       The idea of lifelong learning constitutes main focus of the Green Elephant Foundation's activity. We believe the need for self development is one of the basic human needs and a primary factor driving the development of human civilization. We make people learn and help them stay mentally active. 

            The founder Mr. Jacek Rębacz is himself an author of several novels being published by the biggest Polish publishing houses. This is also the reason we support and promote literacy,, readership and help to protect valuable books.