"Youth Preventing Youth Extremism"

Erasmus+ Youth workers TC, Zakopane, Poland


Project Summary:

6-16 April, Zakopane, Poland

The project embraces in total 34 participants from 8 partner countries. In this project we would like to work on and share the methods of preventing radicalization among the youths. We would like to use in our work a particular publication (the Guide) which has been published recently in 2017 by the UNESCO MGIEP entitled “Youth Waging Peace”. With this project we are going to assemble multinational group of youth workers and work together with use of the Guide to achieve learning outcomes that will allow us all to go back to our local home environments and develop other local youth workers and address the problem of radicalization within its roots.
Finally all of addressed youth workers shall be able address local youths as well as their families&guardians, teachers, policy makers and administrators with more understanding of causes laying behind youth radicalization and knowledge about the solutions.
To improve our global PVE efforts, we must expand our understanding of who the stakeholders are and mainstream the activities that will reduce extremism. Our definition of education should include all the institutions, individuals, and experiences that shape and challenge a person’s worldview; and we should include in our discourse anyone who might be a part of a young person’s education -- from teachers and administrators to coaches, parents,
bloggers, reporters, pop culture icons, and more. Prevention of violent extremism should involve all stakeholders that shape our societies. Strategies to prevent violent extremism should make use of all venues that provide youth with learning opportunities: formal and nonformal education, extra-curricular activities, media, playground, internet, and others.



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