"Youth Map 2"

Erasmus+ Youth workers Training Course and Youth Exchange 


The project will be realized in the historical city center of Palermo, neighborhood Capo-Monte di Pietà. The training course for youth workers is planned on 18 - 24 November 2018 (including arrival and departure day).

The Youth Exchange is taking place on 3 - 9 March 2019.


Food, accommodation and local travel costs (only during the activity program) will be covered 100% by the grant from local National Agency of Erasmus+. 

Travel costs reimbursement maximum limit for Polish participants is 275 euro.




Eligible Participants from Poland for 18-24.11.2018:

  • 5 youth workers (no age limit)

Eligible Participants from Poland for 3 - 9 March 2019:

  • 1 youth worker (no age limit) plus 4 youths at risk of social exclusion


      Travel and accident insurance is a responsibility of the participants. You shall obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EKUZ) in your city. it's free and gives you access to medical care of the host country. You are also advised to buy a regular travel and/ or accident insurance during your travel and your whole stay.

Project Summary:

The project aims to answer the following questions:
- How the youngsters could observe and read their districts?
- How they could discover all the opportunities in order to increase their civic engagement?
- How they could build new collective and participative strategies to improve their impact as actors of social change?


The objectives of the project are:
- to improve the competences/skills of the youth workers on participative methodologies to be used with youth at risk of social exclusion;
- to increase the active participation of youth and their interest toward the development of their own neighborhoods.

The project foresees the realization of two activities:
- a training course for youth workers/educators (November 2018)
- a youth exchange ( 3- 9 March 2019)

Target groups:
- 22 youth workers/educators working with youth at risk of social exclusion.
- 22 young people (age 16 - 20) at risk of social exclusion who do not participate actively in their communities for social, economical and educative problems.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.