“You-th & Heal-th”

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange for youths organized in Ureki, Georgia by “Huddersfield Pakistani Community Alliance”, “Youth For the World” and “Inovativy Karta” in partnership with Fundacja "Zielony Słoń" (Poland).

Summary of the project

        Organisation “Huddersfield Pakistani Community Alliance” (UK) & Network of youthEducational organisation “Youth For the World” (Georgia) & “Inovativy Karta” (Lithuania) together its partners initiates a project “You-th & Hea-lth" with participants involved both in youth field, healthy life and conscious lifestyle.

Due to the common experience in similar fields, we have noticed that consumerism culture is taking too big part in daily life. This could be especially damaging for young people who start to compete with each other because of "better" as "more expensive" things. Young people often are not able to make a conscious decision in life because they are not aware of consuming habits and different experiences towards it. Beside things, there is also hyped food, which is most of the time not only unhealthy but also damaging health though might be considered as "cool" among young peers. We see consumerism, as bad habit for health and society.

Due to the mentioned reasons, we would like to bring young people to the more conscious life style level when they consume only when they really need it instead of choosing things and food because it is trending. It would bring us to another level: being healthy and being conscious at the same time. We believe that healthy soul exists only in the healthy body therefore daily physical activities will be included as well such as learning how to work and live in the garden and in the nature. We aim to learn how to live mainly from what you can grow and find in the nature. Such physical activities are most natural exercises for human beings.


VENUE: Ureki, Georgia. Only APV is held in Tbilisi.



Activity will be held in Ureki, seaside of Georgia. Unlike many areas on the Black Sea, in Ureki beaches are sandy, rather than covered in pebbles. The sand in Ureki is classified as black sand and has magnetic properties, which some believe treat a number of health problems, including cardiovascular diseases. Participants will be hosted by the Hotel “SunSea” -  Rooms will be shared by 3-4 participants with same gender and different nationalities. (Organisers asks to bring own towels)


Organizers will provide participants with three times meal per day & two Coffee breaks, Picnics and food packages during the hiking’s. We strongly recommend Group Leaders to inform the organisers about any special needs of participants such as special diet (i.e. vegetarian, gluten free etc.) or other.


There is only a Sending fee of 50 Polish zloty charged by the Green Elephant Foundation for the statutory expenditures accordingly to the rules (Regulamin mobilności PL)

TRAVEL COSTS AND REIMBURSEMENTS: The reimbursement of the travel expenses (travel from your departure city to the venue of the project) will be made by bank transfer for all participants.


TRAVEL BUDGET Participants are requested to have all tickets for round trip.
Mandatory documents to give to get reimbursed:
1. Boarding pass (Plane)
2. E-ticket (Plane)
3. Any other kind of tickets, bills & payment proof, which you will receive during the travel.
4. Payment proof (from card history) for the PLANE ticket & for every ticket purchased online.

Participants from Poland have travel reimbursement limit up to 275 euro/person.


The project contains two elements:

  1. APV_ 07 - 09 March 2018, Tblisi. Only group leaders meet to plan details of the YE and share tasks. There is no age limit for the group leaders. Group leader take part in both events (APV+YE).

  2. Youth Exchange _ 11 - 22 April 2018, Ureki, for full group 4 participant + 1 group leader (5 person per country), in total 40 young person from 8 countries aged from 18 till 30 year old.




The participants shall be youth workers, young leaders, youths who are already active but aim to develop as youth leaders, concretely in the sphere of motivation and understand the conceptOutdoor Education as a tool of non-formal education who meet the following criteria:

 English speaking and developed communication skills;

 Ability to implement activities in local community and online;

 The need to improve skills and competences relating to the topic of the project;

 Willingness to cooperate and develop future projects in Erasmus+;

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.