"Your Right to Happiness"

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange


There is a Sending fee (50,00 Polish zl) charged by the Green Elephant Foundation for statutory expenditures accordingly to the Rules (Regulamin Mobilności PL).

Food, accommodation and local travel costs (only during the activity program) will be covered 100% by the grant from the Greek National Agency of Erasmus+. Accommodation is set by the organizers at hotel Orpheus https://hotelorfeas.gr/en

Travel costs reimbursement maximum limit for Polish participants is 275 euro.




Eligible Participants from Poland

  • 4 people aged 18-25

  • 1 group leader (no aged limit)


      Travel and accident insurance is a responsibility of the participants. You shall obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EKUZ) in your city. it's free and gives you access to medical care of the host country. You are also advised to buy a regular travel and/ or accident insurance during your travel and your whole stay.

Project Summary:

The Youth Exchange “Your Right to Happiness” with 7 partner organizations and 35 participants (4 participants + 1 leader per organization) from 7 different European countries: Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Romania, Poland and Germany, will take a place in Komotini- Greece.

Advanced Planning Visit (APV) will be held on 16-18 March, 2018 at the same city: Komotini, Greece.

Youth Exchange (YE) takes place in Komotini, Greece on 21-29 May 2018.

    The Green Elephant Foundation is entitled to send 4+1 participants from Poland: 4 people aged 18-25 and 1 group leader (no age limit). The project is organized in multinational partnership.


This Youth Exchange aims to inform the participants about their HR and support their journey through them!  Young people will understand that all  of the HR are applied in order to meet the overall Right, the Right of Happiness. 


Through non formal methods and exchange of good practices the young people will discover the recipe of happiness. In daily life, in personal relations, in our working or studying environment happiness starts by respecting the Rights of the others. 


35 participants from 7 different countries will create a small simulation of EU society. A week of co-existence in a society of knoweldege, learning, mutual respect, fun , a happy society! In the end of our project we will create a happy short video clip with the lip dub method about how we can promote the Rights and find a personal and collective happiness in our life!


In order to promote better the mutual understanding and respect of the different cultures we have planned various non formal education activities such as social visits in the area, open discussions about our topics, cinema night, interactive theatre, inter cultural night, art workshops, discussions with NGO’s and experts, different contests, lip dub making, good practices and of course sightseeing, games and parties.


Young participants will develop their social and political skills, they will understand the honor and the responsibility to be a European Citizen and finally empowered by the Values of the program they will use the the power and Right of Happiness to make a better society. 

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.