Erasmus+ training course

September 17-23, 2021_Camping L'albufera (Valencia), Spain

Specific Objectives:

SO1: 9 Youth NGO’s and 27 youth workers will develop and promote digital set of “100 Inner Leadership and Positive Intelligence Action Cards” (which contains NFE methods, step-by-step activities, tips & tricks on the topic, in English language) for Youth NGOs who want to guide the youth workers to develop their inner leadership (by September 2020).

SO2: 27 youth workers will develop and implement simultaneously a multi-city event “27-in-1-day” for 270 young people from 9 local communities, based on their small-projects developed during the TC.


The Project aligns to 2020 programme priority by equipping 27 youth work with competences (during the mobility) and methods (100 Inner Leadership & Positive Intelligence Action Cards) for their professional development, needed for transferring a common fundamental value – inner leadership, which is “all about being true to yourself and doing what you need to do because it is right for you.

The project will be implemented in the frame of the ERASMUS+ Programme. Accommodation, living, working materials & other project related expenses will be funded 100% by the European Commission, except the travel costs which is up to the limit of 360 euro/person for Polish participant.

REMEMBER that the reimbursement of the travel costs of each country in the Erasmus + program is pre-determined and you have to search for the most cost-efficient option of transportation. The maximum amount of travel costs that is covered by the project for each country is written in the Info-pack. Don’t forget, you have to confirm first with the organizers before buying any tickets. The tickets without organizers' approval, may not be reimbursed.



3 participants form Poland, no age limit, who are:

  • Youth workers with strong interest on the topic willing to share what they learn in their respective organizations especially through a local workshop.

We require you to read and follow the rules set in the Infopack and the "Regulamin Mobilności".

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.