European Voluntary Service (EVS)

Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta is looking for volunteers under Erasmus+ EVS project to join its posts in several cities of Hungary.

Join EVS in Hungary!

Are you interested in living actively in a foreign country?

Working and learning a new language and culture?

Or getting to know yourself better?

Or wanting to know the liberating feeling of helping those in need?

Or increasing your sense of solidarity?

Or developing your social skills and enhancing your professional competences?

Or just wanting to get acquinted with the famous Hungarian hospitality?

If you are a young person (17-30 years old) with open mind, compassion, social sensitivity and a sense of humour or you want to become one having these traits, feel free to apply.

You are also encouraged to plan, launch, initiate, implement and manage your own projects within the framework of the insititution.

General Conditions

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements:

You will receive the monthly pocket money for your own personal spending and a daily financial support for your meal.

The project covers a one-time return ticket between Hungary and your home country, i.e. 100% of the travel expenses to arrive to Hungary and get back home will be reimbursed to you.

You shall be accommodated in a flat rented by our organisation.

Training during the opportunity
You will take part in Hungarian language support throughout your 12-month placement. We conduct a 10-day intensive on-arrival training in Budapest for our team of EVS volunteers in September, consisting of the culture, history, and traditions of Hungary, information and explanation on your future tasks, social care services in Hungary, team-building and personal development activities. We also organizes mid-term evaluation seminars, one-to-one meetings throughout the year, where you can acquire problem handling skills and get new ideas and inspiration for your own projects.

Volunteer profile
Openness and interest in the activities of our organization, understanding with the clients, compassion, social-sensitivity, sense of solidarity and a good sense of humour. Willingness to join and bring new colours to the everyday life of our institution. Creativity, moreover good organizational and communication skills.
We also expect our volunteer to be a full member of our team. The ideal candidate therefore must have a good command of the English language.

Additional information

General tasks

     The volunteer is to actively participate in the local Order of Malta group’s mission, helping those in need. Through his or her service s/he helps bringing people and cultures closer.
     His/her service is at the same time a learning process, through which s/he acquires new knowledge and competencies, enhancing his/her sense of societal responsibility.
     Our colleagues discuss the volunteer’s actual tasks and schedule with him/her, taking into consideration his/her capabilities and requests. S/he is drawn into our work gradually, so that s/he can learn the given fields and activities and know our colleagues working there. In this process the volunteer’s needs and preparedness are taken into account. Professional support is provided during his/her service. The appointed mentor is to personally support him/her throughout his/her placement. The volunteer takes part in the weekly team meetings and the monthly case discussions.

How to apply?

     Choose one of the volunteering opportunities from the list below - each Infopack is one EVS volunteering offer.

Send your CV (in English) and a short description of your person and motivation to email address of the contact person given in your chosen Infopack or just email us and we will do the rest!


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