Training venues

Several amazing locations!

Sightseeing and open-air game attached!

Offer of various additional tours and activities!


   We organize training events in several unique locations, each providing different ways of spending leisure time and giving various opportunities for open-air activities. The place for you training event is just to be chosen. We give you sightseeing tour and open-air game with no additional charge, help you find most suitable accommodation, provide your with an offer of additional activities and support you during your stay.

Lublin. City of Inspiration


         City located in the east of Poland, connected with the rest of the world by airports in Lublin, Warsaw (Chopin or Modlin) and Rzeszow.

     The past, heritage, tradition of intellectual thought, and the magical atmosphere of the city are the sources of inspiration for culture, art, and science. The inspirational power of the Lublin environment has made it one of the main centers of alternative culture. Here the amazing ideas and new visions are born. 

             Lublin means also the tradition of the Union of Lublin and the remembrance of Holocaust – the history indispensable for creating the Europe of the future.

Winter capital of Poland.


         Zakopane is located in southern Poland, near the border of Slovakia, at the foothills of Tatra mountains. It is the winter sports capital of Poland and its most famous resort. During the winter, plentiful snow and challenging runs make for excellent skiing while the summer months offer hikers mountain lakes, glacial valleys and waterfalls. The mountains are also home to a unique and diverse range of flora and fauna.

            Zakopane is the starting and finishing point for hiking expeditions but the town itself has also a large variety of attractions to be offered while experiencing its unique wooden architecture. The closest airport on your route to Zakopane is the airport in Krakow

Biała Podlaska county. The East.

         We have several training places available to host training activities in the very eastern region of Poland near the river Bug which sets the border of European Union. The region provides good opportunities for cycling and canoeing down the river Bug combined with experiencing the rich historical, cultural and natural heritage. You can see the remains of almost extinguished cultures, take part in traditional workshops producing homemade goods or foodstuffs, feel the folk spirit of the region where once three cultures and religions mixed.

            Most convenient way to travel here is to land at an airport in Warsaw (Modlin or Chopin) or Lublin and let us help you arrange a bus travel for You.