Training courses

Feeling the urge to sharpen your skills?

Share your experience, meet interesting people, visit new places?

Join our training courses organized in amazing venues!

       If you like to extend your area of competence, increase your skills, share your training experience with other people like you -  you may like to apply to our training courses. Our offer is aimed to increase the efficiency of trainings provided by adult and youth educators, coaches, teachers. What is more, we organize our events in several unique locations in Poland, provide sightseeing and open-air games, to make your leisure time even more interesting.


     As we have been working in the non-formal sector of education we design our training courses to address adult and youth educators in a specific way which is not limited by the routine. We combine various elements to design and create unforgettable educational experience for you or your staff. One of the elements that leads to that results is the training venue which is up to your choice here.


    We are actively involved in Erasmus+ initiatives and we have the PIC code. That may help you if you wish to acquire EU funding to cover the cost of a training course or cooperate with us under Erasmus+ Programme. If you wish to be our project partner under the Erasmus+ programe just contact us. You may also like to read this... 


     Our courses are always designed for particular needs of each group. We can organize a training course both for regular trainers and for the beginners. We present below a general overview of your possible choices. If you participate in a course on behalf of a company, we provide you with a possibility to get the Mobility Pass certificate after each training course. You may also take a look at our previous and current projects to make sure we have done these things before.

    Do you know, that it is more important to teach than to give an educational speeches, right?

        How can you make your trainings and courses more interesting and get more confidence while working with pupils, students?

     Train the Trainer workshop – using design thinking tools to build and lead your training sessions.

     During this workshop you will learn about creative problem solving and design thinking methods and tools as a way to build your training program, match it to participant’s needs and to make sure that it will be something they will remember.

   Working in an International Environment is certainly interesting, on the other hand is not easy.

       It is worth asking whether your employees are prepared for the challenges awaiting them in the international cooperation.