Day 1

  • Introduction to psychology of creativity – what is creativity? Can we boost creativity?

  • From theory to practice – creative warm-up as a starting exercises before creative session.

  • Basic rules of creativity – what makes brainstorming work?

  • Brainstorming session – case study.

  • Assessment session – how to assess ideas in order to sustain high levels of motivation?

  • Tools and methods supporting brainstorming process.


Day 2

  • Creative problem solving model and design thinking process – how to apply to building programs of creative sessions?

  • Step 1 in creative problem solving and design thinking: analysing the source of the problem.

  • Tools that will help you to lead your participants successfully through the problem analysis process.

    • Empathy map

    • Client journey map

    • Stakeholder’s analysis

    • Ishikawa diagram

  • Case study – leading a problem analysis session

  • Step 2 in creative problem solving – setting vision and goals. Tools of visionary thinking.


Day 3

  • Step 3 in creative problem solving: generating and assessing ideas

  • Tools that facilitate generating and sharing of ideas – idea generating session

  • Rules and tools that will help you to lead idea assessment session

  • How to structure you creative session?

    • What to do when you have participants that have too many ideas?

    • What to do when they have too few?

    • What to do when they do not want to share ideas?

  • Dealing with difficult situations – methods that will allow you to engage each and every participant in the creative session.

  • Where to look for inspiration for yourself? Creativity trainers’ tips & tricks.


Day 4

  • Step 4 in creative problem solving: polishing ideas and preparing for implementation

  • How to go from a rough idea to a specific concept? Building prototypes and testing

  • Tools for concept verification – how to be sure your idea will suit your participant / client?

  • Tools for contextual thinking – exploring acceptance for your idea

  • Working on case studies – participants have the opportunity to lead an exercise of their choosing.


Day 5

  • Step 5 in creative problem solving: planning and implementation

  • Tools for tactical thinking – how to plan and implement your idea?

  • The nature and purpose of formulating a plan – how to lead a planning session with a group of participants?

  • Working on case studies – participants have the opportunity to lead an exercise of their choosing.

  • What is next after our workshop? A surprise :)

Train the Trainer using design thinking tools to build and lead your training sessions.

      Leading training sessions sometimes becomes a demanding task, especially when you want to inspire creativity among participants taking part in the training. During this workshop you will learn about creative problem solving and design thinking methods and tools as a way to build your training program, match it to participant’s needs and to make sure that it will be something they will remember.

         During first three days we will be working with use of specific tools and methods you can use during your training session in order to support your participants in problem solving process. During the last two days there will be an opportunity for everyone to lead a short exercise and to test in practice what you have learned.    


Training goals:

  • To master creative facilitation – the ability to lead creative problem solving sessions with use of design thinking method and tools.

  • Get to know different tools you can use during each phase of problem solving: problem analysis, setting vision and goals, generating ideas, assessing ideas, planning and implementation.

  • To master in practice leading creative problem solving sessions.

  • To exchange experiences on creative thinking tools and methods.

  • To develop new tools that will help to develop individual and group creativity.


The training is designed for:

  • Youth leaders who want to inspire individuals and groups to be more open and creative.

  • Coaches and mentors who want to master their skills of

  • Trainers who want to develop their skills on facilitating creative sessions.

Everyone who is interested in getting to know creative problem solving tools and design thinking as a method.

Take our course!

    We are not a typical business company. We are a small organization managed by people with passion. That is why the cost of each our training course is just 295 euro/person.

  The price includes costs of tuition, training materials, administration&organizational costs, VAT and even a half day excursion (with possible open-air game) and a welcoming aperitif!

       What is more, we support you in the logistics when you choose the training course venue. That means we offer to you most suitable accommodation place (with breakfast included), travel arrangements, additional insurance, places to go for a lunch/dinner.

     We can find for you or your participants a good Bed&Breakfast to stay for even as low as 30 euro daily/person near our training venues!

     Remember, you can choose also the training venue and we will work out most convenient dates for the course!

      You may also be interested in cooperation with us and applying for the Erasmus Plus grant to cover all training courses costs. Read more here...