(Listening  Techniques  for  Audiovisual  Language)


Erasmus+ training course organized by La Bandita in Palermo, Sicily, Italy in partnership with Fundacja "Zielony Słoń" (Poland).
Palermo  11-­‐17  June  2021
Ecomuseo  del  Mare  Memoria  Viva

Summary of the project

        It  is  a  workshop  that  uses  cinema  as  a  tool  for stimulating  self-­‐reflection  and  critical  thinking among participants,  adopting  an  interac6ve  and  multisensory approach. It  is  underpinned  by  an  action  research methodology  whereby  participants  engage  with  the  space/environment  they  live  in  to  transform  it  into  realities that  are  as  close  as  possible  to  their imaginary  dreams.

The  workshop  will  take  place  in  Palermo  (Italy)  from  the 11th  to  the  17th  of  June  2021  at  the   Ecomuseo  del  Mare Memoria  Viva.  The  explora6on  of  the  eastern  coast  of Palermo,  the  so  called "South  Coast",  will  provide participants  with  an  opportunity  for  collectively  engaging  in action research.

The  "South  Coast"  of  Palermo  constitutes  a  historically scarred  area,  point  of  convergence  of  various  interests  and contradic6ons.  Because  of  its  proximity  to  the  the  historical quarters  of  the  Sicilian  capital,  it  would  naturally  function as  the  city’s  corridor  to  the  sea.  Yet,  the  modernisation and urbanisation  process  which  took  place  in  the  1960s  turned this  area  into  a  polluted wasteland,  which  was  subsequently abandoned  and neglected.  For  this  reason,  it  represents  an ideal  place  not  only  to  get  to  know  the  city's  history  but also  to  use  as  a  blank  canvas  for  imagining  and constructing  alternative  forms  of  living.

The  workshop  is  open  to  anyone  interested  in  cinema, video  &  sound  recording  techniques  and  also  willing  to  use  them in  critical  and  imaginative  ways,  as  tools  for  seeing, listening  and  learning about  worlds,  people  and  living beings who  share  with  us  spaces,  places  and    resources.

The  outcome  of  this  workshop  will  not  be  only  a  ‘film’.  It will  be  the  accomplishment  of  a collective  journey  of cinematic  critical  engagement  with  the  city  and  one another, by  walking  through  its  streets  and  making  videos  and sound recordings.  At  the  end  of  each  day  we  will analyse  and comment footages and  recordings.  On  the  sixth  day  we  will edit  all  the  material together  to  create  a  collective  film reflecting  our  learning  curve,  critical  outlooks  and  visions of  alternative  city  configurations.



3 participants aged 18+

The participants will  be  required  to engage  in two  preparatory activities  in  advance  of  the  June workshop.  
Specifically,  we  ask  each  participant  to  make  and  submit  two ‘video  portraits’  (in  a  broad sense):
There  are  no  prescriptions  on  the  means  used  for  the realisation  of  these  video  portraits.  Drawings,  written compositions,  photos,  collages  of  pre-­existing  images, choreography,  and  so  on  will  all  be  accepted.
Please,  note  that  each  ‘video  portrait’  will  have  to  be  saved  in  a  digital  format  as  part  of  a  three—minute  video  and  submitted  electronically.



The participants shall have:

 English speaking and developed communication skills;

 Ability to implement activities in local community and online;

 The need to improve skills and competences relating to the topic of the project;

 Willingness to cooperate and develop within Erasmus+;


The project will be implemented in the frame of the ERASMUS+ Programme. Accommodation, living, working materials & other project related expenses will be funded 100% by the European Commission, except the travel costs which is up to the limit of 275 euro/person for Polish participant.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.