Key Action 2 Erasmus+ Strategic partnership project.

Coordinated by Biedrība “Radošās Idejas” / NGO “Creative Ideas” in partnership with Fundacja "Zielony Słoń" / Green Elephant Foundation and Λαογραφική Εταιρεία Βαρνάβα Δήμου Μαραθώνα Folklore Company of Varnava municipality of Marathon


Project duration: 01.08.2017 - 31.07.2018


     In this project three NGOs from Latvia, Greece and Poland representing north, east and south of the Europe will join forces to improve youth work in business education for rural youth. The project includes short-term training for youth workers and experts to exchange best practices, share methods and ideas to promote creative start-ups in rural areas, as well as local and international training for youth in order to test approaches developed during the project.
     The project lasts 12 months and includes transnational project meetings, short term staff trainings, local youth training and a blended mobility for youth. At least 10 youth workers will increase their knowledge and skills during each staff training and 15 youngsters will take part in the blended mobility for youth, including at least 10 young people from regions facing socioeconomic obstacles.   

     The mobility of youth will include a set of workshops and mentoring that will allow youngsters to shape and develop innovative business ideas based on the local intangible heritage and the use of ICT.
     The best practise collection and workshop scenarios will be published in partners web sites, EPALE and the Erasmus+ platform for dissemination and exploitation of project results. At least 70 people not directly involved in the project will benefit from the project in each country - youth organisations, rural NGOs, education and training institutions, as well as social partners and public bodies.
      The development of training methods on creative start-ups will encourage youth to start their own business in rural areas thus improving rural job creation, decreasing the youth unemployment and preserving the main features of living and working in rural areas.
Moreover, the transnational approach of the project will lead to a deeper mutual understanding and cooperation in Europe.


  Project aims to improve youth work in business education for rural youth by exchanging best practises, sharing methods and ideas regarding training for creative start-ups in rural areas.
     Project partners will develop workshop scenarios and best practise collection in facilitating development of rural start-ups that are based on the intangible heritage of the rural areas (e.g. handicrafts, visual arts, gastronomy, social practises, rituals and festive events, music and performing arts, oral traditions and expressions), but the business model includes an intensive use of modern ICT to make this product attractive to the 21st century consumers.
  Direct target group – participating NGOs, youth workers/experts and youth participating in the activities provided by the partner organisations.
  Indirect target group – other NGOs and youth organisations, education and training institutions, local and regional businesses, social partners and public administration.

The 1st transnational meeting in Riga, Sept. 2017 
The details of project implementation and its stages are set.
The C1 Joint Staff Training Course, Zakopane 6-10.12.2017 
The details of workshops for local testing stage and our future trainings are designed in the winter wonderland.
C3 Youth blended mobility and Transnational staff meeting in Greece 27.04 - 02.05.2018 

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