“Young entrepreneurs” Youth Exchange Online

Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Fund

Project goal: Our project is action for the promotion of youth entrepreneurship and awareness on the labor market. We bring closer the issues related to broadly understood entrepreneurship, principles of establishing one’s own business, functioning of the market, advertising and promotion, issues facilitating the entry of the young generation to the labour market.
This project uses the results of our experience in order to contribute to the promotion of the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship among young people in an international dimension, as well as to the objectives such as reaching out to
marginalised young people (in underdeveloped areas where we address our activities), promoting diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, common values of freedom, tolerance and respect for human rights, which we will implement in our activities carried out in international groups.


The project had to be changed to online version due to therecent crisis. However the overall project context, objectives and results remain unchanged. We are changing the form of conducting our workshops as part of a 10-day educational activity. 
Both the Polish and Ukrainian groups will gather at their local place of school classes. Each of the national groups will be supported by a facilitator / trainer working with young people (one for the Polish and Ukrainian groups).


Participants: Young people in Ukraine and Poland. 12 participants (10 youngsters + 2 leaders) in each group. In total: 24 participants (and leaders).