Day 1

  • Integration process – get – to - know each other;

  • Team-building in educational surrounding

  • The traps of thinking

  • Stereotypes about learning


Day 2

  • Public speaking – breaking news

  • Vocal exercises

  • Coping with stress

  • Improvements in presentations (camera recording)

  • Verbal and visual competences in communication

  • Best practices guide


Day 3

  • Best version of me

  • Individual color analysis

  • Worst things you can do as a trainer

  • How to behave on a scene of educational life?


Day 4

  • How to make an interesting presentations?

  • Modern techniques and sketchnoting

  • Closure information in symbols

  • Graphic recording for educators


Day 5

  • Individual workshops and constructive feedback

  • Education process mastery


Public speaking for educators


     Do you agree that it is more important to teach than to give an educational speeches?

        How can you make your trainings and courses more interesting and get more confidence while working with pupils?

        You want to present the subject in the professional way, but be also effective and not disturbing for your students? Do you want to eliminate boredom from the daily plan?

     This based on psychological approaches training for trainers and educators helps to deal with most common problems in teaching area. It shows how to eliminate unprofessional acts, how the materials should be prepared, and – what is more important – how to deal with your stress and a difficult audience. Full of exercises course will make you think, which areas in your educational career can be develop and improved.

           Main Goal: Increase the level of soft skills of trainers and educators. Develop their presentation abilities and inspire them to run efficient and interesting courses for their students, pupils.

Take our course!

    We are not a typical business company. We are a small organization managed by people with passion. That is why the cost of each our training course is just 295 euro/person.

  The price includes costs of tuition, training materials, administration&organizational costs, VAT and even a half day excursion (with possible open-air game) and a welcoming aperitif!

       What is more, we support you in the logistics when you choose the training course venue. That means we offer to you most suitable accommodation place (with breakfast included), travel arrangements, additional insurance, places to go for a lunch/dinner.

     We can find for you or your participants a good Bed&Breakfast to stay for even as low as 30 euro daily/person near our training venues!

     Remember, you can choose also the training venue and we will work out most convenient dates for the course!

      You may also be interested in cooperation with us and applying for the Erasmus Plus grant to cover all training courses costs. Read more here...