"Plant Your Citizenship"

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange for youths organized in Murcia, Spain by Youth Creative Action in partnership with Fundacja "Zielony Słoń" (Poland).

Summary of the project

        Informal group of young people “Youth Creative Action” (Spain) & “Inovatyvi karta”(Lithuania) together with partners initiates a project "Plant Your Citizenship!"

It's based on rising awareness towards environment and how we as citizens can make a change when we work together. Over 40 participants from 8 different countries will focus on creating a community garden and with that leaving a special trace from each participant. The activities during this project will create an interesting learning platform for sharing knowledge.

Project aims to visualize the Erasmus plus program in hope to reach out to the target groups suitable for Youth Exchanges. It encourages citizenship by demonstrating for youngster the ability they hold to make a difference, impact society to participate actively in the community.

The project is straightforward to visualize Erasmus+, shine a light on sustainable development through nature preservation and grass-root projects, and encouragement of mobility through citizenship. We believe by aiming for these issues we are also addressing needs of visualization of youth programs, environmental awareness and encouragement of citizenship.


VENUE: Molina de Segura (mountain district of Murcia), Spain.


ACCOMMODATION All participants will be accommodated in a hostel near Molina de Segura (mountain district of Murcia), in the ecologic park Vicente Blanes: “El Rellano” https://albergueelrellano.es/

Place perfectly fits to the topic of the YE. There are rooms for 3-4 or 6-8 participants. Wi-fi is unavailable.


FOOD AND SPECIAL NEEDS Organizers will provide participants with 3 times meal per day & two fruit/Coffee breaks. We strongly recommend participants to inform the organizers about any special needs of participants such is dietary, vegetarian/vegan or any other kind of special needs. Hotel does not provides Towels, so don’t forget to bring them with you.




TRAVEL COSTS AND REIMBURSEMENTS: The reimbursement of the travel expenses (travel from your departure city to the venue of the project) will be made by bank transfer for all participants.


TRAVEL BUDGET Participants are requested to have all tickets for round trip.
Mandatory documents to give to get reimbursed:
1. Boarding pass (Plane)
2. E-ticket (Plane)
3. Any other kind of tickets, bills & payment proof, which you will receive during the travel.
4. Payment proof(from card history) for the PLANE ticket & for every ticket purchased online.

Participants from Poland have travel reimbursement limit up to 360 euro/person.


The project contains two elements:

  1. APV _ 17-19 February 2018. Only group leaders meet to plan details of the YE and share tasks. There is no age limit for the group leaders. Group leader take part in both events (APV+YE).

  2. Youth Exchange _ 15-23 March 2018, for full group 4 participant + 1 group leader (5 person per country), in total 40 young person from 8 countries aged from 18 till 30 year old.



PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS: The participants shall be youngsters, youth workers & young leaders who are already active and aim to develop as youth leaders who meet the following criteria:

 English speaking and developed communication skills;

 Ability to implement activities in local community and online;

 The need to improve skills and competences relating to the topic of the project;

 Willingness to cooperate and develop future projects in Erasmus+;

Advanced Planning Visit in Murcia


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.