The Training’s Program bases on:


• Working with co-workers coming from European Union countries

• discovering Intercultural Competences for the co-workers/project teams/youth workers

• International Projects Management

• Diversity - Understanding Training


Day 1

Integration process – get – to - know each other; Team-building in highly diversed groups;

Background - finding Process - High / Low Culture context


Day 2

Mutual Understanding Stereotype Breaking Process (Ice-berg theory, “know – how” methods);

Diversity Understanding – Time concepts in various cultures / “Time – theory” differences


Day 3

Communication Competence;

Day Types of Communication;

Verbal/Non-verbal Communication;

Language vs. Behavior


Day 4

Understanding meanings – learning cultural codes as languages;

Intercultural methods of globalisation;

Breaking cultural myths


Day 5

Negotiation – as a multicultural process – analyze / “know-how” methods;

Active listening; 

Mediation as a Conflict Handling Process.


Multicultural Overlook Training


     Working in an International Environment is certainly interesting. On the other hand, it is not easy. It is worth asking whether your employees are prepared for the challenges awaiting them in the international cooperation.


     Lack of intercultural competences can significantly contribute to the failure of your company or organization: starting from an awkward position, through communication breakdown between business partners, and the loss of lucrative orders ending.

     Research confirms that a solid foundation managers and employees of public sector organizations to the challenges arising out of international cooperation greatly reduces this risk.


If You want to know:

  • How to run multicultural environment of co-workers;

  • how to deal with cultural differences as opportunities for creative development and not an obstacle or threat to the team effort;

  • what activities can help to facilitate understanding of various behaviors, culture, conflict, development and changes in the organization;

  • how to develop your own intercultural competencies and create a creative community organizations;


Take our course!

    We are not a typical business company. We are a small organization managed by people with passion. That is why the cost of each our training course is just 295 euro/person.

  The price includes costs of tuition, training materials, administration&organizational costs, VAT and even a half day excursion (with possible open-air game) and a welcoming aperitif!

       What is more, we support you in the logistics when you choose the training course venue. That means we offer to you most suitable accommodation place (with breakfast included), travel arrangements, additional insurance, places to go for a lunch/dinner.

     We can find for you or your participants a good Bed&Breakfast to stay for even as low as 30 euro daily/person near our training venues!

     Remember, you can choose also the training venue and we will work out most convenient dates for the course!

      You may also be interested in cooperation with us and applying for the Erasmus Plus grant to cover all training courses costs. Read more here...