Strategies to engage socially isolated youngsters

Erasmus+ Key Action 1 mobility of youth workers, Italy. In partnership with Fundacja "Zielony Słoń" (Poland).

Summary of the project

        The project "kHIK it - Strategies to engage socially isolated youngsters" was created in response to the emergence of a new form of youth distress, revealed through a voluntary social isolation. It is a phenomenon that affects young people aged 14 to 30, who often experience school phobia and school withdrawal, anthropophobia, obsessive and compulsive symptoms, social avoidance, apathy and depressed mood. An emerging phenomenon not defined as for dimensions and characteristics by specific investigations at European level, that remains mostly the object of research.

How can we intercept young people in social withdrawal and those at risk? And when intercepted, how can we help them?

"kHIK it" intends to provide these questions with an answer, analyzing the characteristics of the phenomenon of social withdrawal in the realities of the partnership network, involving trainers and youth workers in the definition of suitable lines of intervention to intercept and recover young people in condition of social isolation and guidelines to structure information and prevention plans in schools, to be addressed to students, parents and teachers, in order to identify and prevent cases of social desease before it can become deviant.

Activity Dates: 

October - November 2021

 [detailed schedule in the Infopack]



3 youth workers aged 18+ who will compare experiences, skills, techniques, strategies and good practices, to arrive at the definition of shared methodologies and tools, which will converge in a first draft of the handbook "Social isolation - Techniques and
strategies for preventing and combating the phenomenon ".

The ideal participant is graduated in education and training sciences, sociology, psychology or in humanities, or not graduated but able to demonstrate that he/she gained significant experience in the fields of interest of the project


The participants shall have:

  • English speaking and developed communication skills;

  • experience as youth worker (paid or voluntary)

  • Ability to implement activities in local community and online;

  • The need to improve skills and competences relating to the topic of the project;

  • Motivation to share experiences and learn from others

  • Willingness to cooperate and develop within Erasmus+;

Accommodation (http://www.hotelfutura.it/en/), catering service, working materials & other project related expenses will be funded 100% by the European Commission, except the travel costs which is up to the limit of 275 euro/person for Polish participant.

INSURANCE: You should take are of your own travel/tourist insurance and take into consideration insurance which provides additional COVID-19 insurance/clause.


Here is what you should do:

Read the Infopack

Consider the methodology of the focus group

If you feel like you can make the survey among 5-15 young people, email us: 


and we will send you further files.

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