International Trainers




If you:

  • belong to adult education staff or work in the sector of non-formal adult education,

  • live or work in the area of the Lublin Voivodship, Poland,

  • speak English,

this project is for you!


Just fill out the online application form and choose the course.




     Within the project frameworks we provide training courses for adult education staff in Slovenia and Sicily, Italy. The training courses are organized by partner institutions - Skupina Primera d.o.o. in Ljubljana, Slovenia and "A Rocca" Associazione in Barcelona Pozzo di Gotto in Sicily, Italy. The trainings cover topics in area of soft skills:


  • "Developing effective communication skills"

  • "Peer Coaching as a sustainable source of professional development"

  • "Managing emotions to enhance flow at work"

  • "Working with volunteers"

  • "Simplicity" by E. de Bono

  • "Developing a stimulating teambuildeing programme"

  • "Course for adult education staff in the public education - Multicultural Teaching"


     All the costs related to your participation in the mobilities abroad are covered by the project budget. These are:

  • course fee,

  • subsistence costs (e.g. accommodation and meals)*

  • travel costs*

  • travel insurance

  • cost of preparatory courses (e.g brief English course)


* travel and subsistence costs are covered to a certain maximum limit described in the Erasmus+ guide and the project documents.



     Having received your application documents, we give your response within 30 days regarding your participation in a course you applied to. The detailed participation rules are described in a multilateral Mobility Agreement and a bilateral contract signed with each participant.  

     The courses are being carried out continuously throughout the year in the partner institutions mentioned above. Within this project we can cover costs of your participation in a course (as described above) only in the year 2015.





Preparatory courses in Lublin before mobilities 
"Peer coaching" training course in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 
“Training course for adult education staff in the public education sector – Multicultural Teaching” in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, Sicily (Italy).

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