Intercultural competences - Erasmus+ TC project

Coordinated by Fundacja "Zielony Słoń" / Green Elephant Foundation

Venue: Zakopane, Poland, 31.03 - 07.04.2017 

    The training will consist of 6 days of program (1st – 6th of April). All the participants are expected to attend the full program.

Note: 1st of April we will start with the activities in the morning. We kindly ask you to arrive to the venue the night before.
Departure day is 7th of April.

Arriving by plane:
Warsaw and kraków airports are possible but Krakow is most
convenient one as Poronin is just 100km remote from Krakow. There is a possibility that the transportation from Kraków will be
arranged by the organizers depending on what time and how many of you decides to land or come there. As soon as your flights, buses and trains details are known, the organizers' team will provide you with further information about the transportation. Before arranging any travel, please contact us in order to advice you best itinerary.
It is allowed to come 2 days earlier or stay 2 more days after the TC, having on mind that in this case accommodation and meals for additional days will not be covered by the organizers team and you would need to pay by your own. Travel costs are reimbursed independently.

Our project is financed by Erasmus + Programme.
Accommodation and food will be provided by organizers. Travel costs will be covered according to the funding rules of Erasmus + Programme based on Erasmus+ distance calculator (cost per participant, return ticket, in eur).

Hosting organization is asking NO participation fee.

Visa costs will be covered up to 60 euro per participant based
on actual cost.
Please note, that in order to be reimbursed you need to keep all your recipes, invoices and tickets. (or travel or visa) As soon as you have them, please send copies or electronic tickets to us.

You will need to provide all these documents to organizers, if possible during the training, in order to avail of any travel reimbursement. Reimbursement will be done only based on originals of the tickets.

Obtaining a full insurance (travel risks, medical, injuries) is the participant responsibility, please take your insurance card with you. About any changes you will be updated by organizers via e-mail or on our Facebook group: TC Intercultural Competences.

         The project aim is to promote intercultural dialogue and strengthen knowledge and acceptance of diversity in society. We support youth workers in developing and sharing effective methods in reaching out to marginalized young people, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, and in preventing racism and intolerance among youth.

     It will gather 30 youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, peer educators (including project team)from 7 countries, who are:

  • aged 18 and more,

  • combating harmful stereotypes, racisminterested in the topic of multicultural dialogue,

  • Preferably are working with young people in daily basis

  • interested in discovering new non-formal tools for
    tackling different topics,

  • ready to spread the results created within this project,

  • ready to participate full 6 days of the training,

  • Can express thoughts freely in English, as all the sessions will be held in English.

    Participants will be accommodated in bed and breakfast resort “Baca” in Poronin near Zakopane (Ośrodek Gastronomiczno-Wypoczynkowy Baca), Polish
mountains region called Podhale. You will be staying in 2-3 person shared rooms with bathrooms and wifi available in the hotel area. You will be staying with the person the same gender from different country than your own. This is to foster integration between all the participants and provide a quality group dynamic. In case there are couples who are coming together, please let us know in advance!
The resort provides linen and towels.

The address of the venue:
ul. Tatrzańska 5f
34-520 Poronin
tel. (018) 20 74 388
fax. (018) 20 01 449
kom. 0 696 418 241

    Venue is located in the neighborhood of Zakopane – Polish famous winter resort. It will be possible to visit the city in a free time (evenings) by own expense (public transportation and taxis, which shared among 4 ppl wouldn’t be more than 3 eur).

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