Erasmus+ Youth Exchange organized in Romania, in partnership with Fundacja "Zielony Słoń" (Poland).
Mężczyźni pracujący w Recording Studio

Summary of the project

        The motivation for this project relies on the common activity and goals of all organizations involved. We believe that promoting active citizenship, in order to build a stronger and more democratic Europe, can only be achieved by creating a tight network of associations that promote the values of tolerance, intercultural dialogue and political participation.
The purpose of the project is to achieve more active involvement of young people in decision making process in society.
In this regard, the objectives we have set are:
 Increasing the knowledge of the participants during the 10 days of the mobility on their rights and duties as citizens and how they can influence through an active attitude the decision making process.
 Developing a positive attitude for the participants during the duration of the project regarding the importance of sharing and being promoters of the citizen's rights and the way that they can influence the decision making process.
The main objectives of the project will be reached through the research and work before and during the mobility, through presentations, debates and non-formal activities during the 10 days of the mobility.

Activity Dates: 

Arrival 20.08 - departure 27.08.2021

Accomodation: Casa Duca, Sinaia, Romania
Association Social Hub - BULGARIA
Greek Youth Mobility - GREECE
Oriel - ITALY
Assocation Center for Youth Education and Mediation – NORTH MACEDONIA
Fundacja "Zielony Slon" - POLAND
A.D.E.L. - Association For Development, Education And Labour - SLOVAKIA
Asociación Juvenil Almenaras - SPAIN



4 participants shall be aged 18-25 plus

1 group leader aged 18+


The participants shall have:

 English speaking and developed communication skills;

 Ability to implement activities in local community and online;

 The need to improve skills and competences relating to the topic of the project;

 Willingness to cooperate and develop within Erasmus+;

Youth Exchange will be implemented in the frame of the ERASMUS+ Programme. Accommodation, living, working materials & other project (Youth Exchange) related expenses will be funded 100% by the European Commission, except the travel costs which is up to the limit of 275 euro/person for Polish participant.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.