Erasmus Plus funding opportunities



    There is a possibility to cover the costs of training courses with Erasmus+ funding. You may apply for funding the Erasmus+ Programme to cover travel, accommodation, upkeep, training course fee. However you can only apply as an institution, company, NGO (legal entity). Your organization (further called Sending institution) shall follow certain steps: 



  • Once registered, your organization will obtain a PIC (Personal Identification Code) number. The PIC number of the Green Elephant Foundation (Fundacja Zielony Słoń) is 946223167


  • Since you have registered your organization, uploaded required scans and other documents to URF and obtained the PIC code, you may apply for funding under all Erasmus+ actions. You may now submit a project to send unlimited number of your trainers, educators to any of our courses. Now it’s time to contact us and we will guide you through the steps of applying for E+ funding.


  • The training courses can be financed under Erasmus+ Key Action 1, adult education sector. The deadline for submission of that type of applications (projects) to Your National Agency (institution that deals with E+ Programme) is usually in March every year.


  • You may also contact us to become our partner under other Erasmus+ actions! With your support we can submit application e.g. to fund a big training event for your youth workers in one of our training venues where all your costs will also be covered. We can also construct applications for other initiatives.