"Developing digital competences for young entrepreneurs – DDC4YE"

Erasmus+ Youth Workers Training Course

23.04 (10 a.m. starts) – 28.04 (17 p.m. finishes) 2021 Larnaca, Cyprus



  • Hosting organization Citizens in Power charges participation fee 40 euro/person.

Food, accommodation and local travel costs (only during the activity program) will be covered 100% by the grant from local National Agency of Erasmus+. 

Travel costs reimbursement maximum limit for Polish participants is 275 euro.




Eligible Participants from Poland: 3 participants,

no age limit, who are:

  • Youth workers with strong interest on the topic and they are willing to share what they will learn in their respective organizations especially through a local workshop.

  • Young people interested at the objectives of this project and they are willing to share what they will learn in their respective organizations especially through a local workshop.

Fill out the application form and send it back to our email address for further recruitment.

email: zielonyslon@greenelephant-foundation.com


      Travel and accident insurance is a responsibility of the participants. You shall obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EKUZ) in your city. It's free and gives you access to medical care of the host country. You are also advised to buy a regular travel and/ or accident insurance during your travel and your whole stay.

The venue of the training course is Hotel Cactus in Larnaca (6-8 Tyrimou Street), near McKenzy area, very close to the airport of Larnaca.

The international training course ‘DDC4YE will be hosted in Larnaca by ‘Citizens in Power’


from 22.4.2021. to 29.4.2021 (22nd & 29th are travel days).

Project Summary:

     Most professions and most everyday tasks are changing rapidly through the technological growth that impacts our society and our workplace. This requires a proper response from our educational
systems if we are to educate the citizens, employees, employers and entrepreneurs of the future.
With these rapid technological changes, education systems are struggling to adapt, not only in terms of how to use the technologies, but also in terms of teaching the skills and training the teachers, trainers and youth workers. On the other hand, young people spend an increasing amount of time in digital environment, yet there is an inadequate coverage of digital youth work delivery. This presents a need for digitalizing youth work, explicitly delivering digital youth work and up-skilling youth
workers' digital competences.

The primary aim of the DDC4YE project is the education of young new entrepreneurs, capable of approaching entrepreneurial activities through the digital environment. More so, the project is built on the idea of digital entrepreneurship, as a new innovative model of entrepreneurship that involves the use of ICT for improving business operations, inventing newbusiness models and improving business intelligence.


Specific objectives of the project are:

  • To enhance youth workers' digital competences to support their motivation and capacity to implement smart youth work as well as to improve their opportunities for employment

  • the use of digital content and digital tools.-To boost both youth workers’ soft skills and ICT skills by engaging them in digital activities through

  • Digital Competence Framework-To promote EU youth policies, specifically The Entrepreneurship Competence framework and The

  • To increase capacity to trigger changes in terms of modernization of youth work through enhancement of international cooperation of the consortium.

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