"iChange for Future"

Erasmus+ Youth exchange project implemented by Filodasikos Syndesmos Agrou (Cyprus) in partnership with Fundacja Zielony Słoń (Poland).

Venue: Agros, Cyprus

APV Dates: 21-23/10/2016

Youth Exchange Dates: 05-13/11/2016

Youth Exchange Participants: 4+1

Language: English.

Venue of the project: Agros village in Cyprus www.agros.org.cy



Erasmus+ Youth workers training course project implemented by Citizens in Power (Cyprus) in partnership with Fundacja Zielony Słoń (Poland).

Larnaca, Cyprus


The training course will take place in Larnaca, Republic of Cyprus, on 03 - 09.10.2016. Each of ten partner organizations is sending there its 2 participants. The Green Elephant Foundation is entitled to send 2 participants from Poland to this training course.


  • The training will be based on non-formal education methods, encouraging active participation of young people involved.

  • Ice-breakers, energizers, group-building games

  • Simulations

  • Role plays

  • Intercultural and experiential learning

  • Brainstorming and discussions both in working groups and in plenary

  • Inputs from experts





Eligible Participants

  • Youth workers

  • Young people interested at the objectives of this project and they are willing to share what they will learn in their respective organizations



The Cypriot host/coordinating organization requests Participation Fee 40 euro/person. You shall pay it in cash on arrival.

100% of accommodation, food and activity costs are covered by the program.

The international travel costs are covered according to the rules of ERAMUS+ YiA KA1 (distance band calculator, 100-499 km = 180 euro, 500-1999 km = 275 euro).


The venue of the training course is Hotel Cactus in Larnaca (6-8 Tyrimou Street), near McKenzy area, very close to the airport of Larnaca.



The rooms are double (mostly, at least for 85% of the participants) or triple, fully equipped with everything you may need. Towels are changed every 2-3 days, bed sheets every 3 days. The rooms are very close to the training venue. We might combine people from different countries in the same room so as all the participants to have the opportunity to get to know each other.


Travel and accident insurance is a responsibility of the participants. You are advised to buy a regular travel and/ or accident insurance during your travel and your whole stay in Cyprus.

     The future of Europe depends upon millions of Europeans aged between 15 and 29. It is a matter of great concern that this young people have been hit so hard by the economic crisis. The unemployment figures testify to a labour market which is gradually becoming more difficult for young people. Nowadays, one out of six young people in Europe encounter the risk of   disengagement from society and marginalization. One of the most vulnerable groups in the context of youth unemployment is that of young people who are Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET).


     In such circumstances, NEET might find useful to concentrate on the notions of self – esteem and self-awareness, thus achieving to regain self – confidence in order to be encouraged to act as full member of the societies.

    In this way, NEET will be endowed with all the appropriate skills and tools which will eventually allow them to enter the world of labor. Respectively, it is equally important that the staff which is responsible for delivering employability support for youth, such as youth workers and career counsellors, must also maintain profiles and skills suited to step in and provide the most appropriate support to this category of youth. From this point of view, youth workers dealing with NEET must be fully-educated to invent, use and adapt creative and innovative non – formal educational methods, tools and techniques which can provide opportunities for competence development.


    Therefore, by equipping youth workers with the necessary educational tools, they will be capable to offer voluntary activities which will help NEET to make the first step, either for employment or education/training. Putting all this together, this training aims at providing youth workers with useful, non-formal educational tools that are essential for analyzing the reality of youth, whilst simultaneously empowering young people in their communities to convert their talents/potentials into opportunities.


Accordingly, the main educational objectives for youth workers are:


- To equip those involved with 'NEET youth work ' with necessary skills and competencies in order to be capable to support this vulnerable group in a more effective way.


- To experience motivational techniques and NFE workshops that help young people to express themselves by various means in order to pave the way to employability or further education.


-Through coaching and NFE workshops, youth workers are expected to obtain the ability to facilitate NEET in making an overall analysis of their current state (by focusing on both the Internal and external factors), thus enabling them to apply techniques that will ultimately improve their situation.  The above target will also be accomplished through the development of their strengths and the utilization of local or EU opportunities.


- To learn NFE tools based on presentation, reflection, experimentation, creation and observation that are suitable for providing special support  to NEET, thus enabling them to understand their needs in order to be capable to fulfill their dreams (by overcoming life obstacles).


The main objectives for the youth workers’ training are:


-To develop a sustainable network among youth organizations which are being associated with NEET within EU and create stronger partnerships for future projects in the European context.


- To co-develop or share innovative models of intervention methods , tools or programs that are suitable to support this vulnerable target group, such as ‘video CV’ presentations and the e-guide for EU NEET’.

    Apply by clicking the button below. Fill out the application form (in Polish or English). We will inform you about the results of selection by 24.06.2016 at latest.

       The applicants chosen for participation will receive then additional information pack and registration form from the Cypriot coordinating organization. 

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

     The youth exchange “iChange for Future” will bring together 40 female and male participants from Erasmus+ the programme (Cyprus, Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia) and partner countries (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine) to provide them capacity building (aged 16-28) that they are better able take initiatives that address their communities’ environmental needs.      The project will be implemented in Agros, Cyprus from 5 to 13 November, 2016 and it will involve gender balanced participants who face social, economic, geographical and cultural obstacles.

    Through using non-formal education methodology we will build knowledge of project participants on Climate Change science and empower them with the competences to address community environmental needs through campaign; Also we will encourage participants to further use a social media and youth portals to promote eco-friendly lifestyle and to promote youth interactions, networking and partnerships.

    The working methods during the project will be based on informal and nonformal learning to enable participants to exchange their experiences and approaches and reflect upon them as well as to improve their daily habits to came closer to everyday issues of more eco- friendly living. To ensure long-term impact of the project, besides learning about climate change, ecofriendly lifestyle, campaigning and etc. participants will use Video Campaigning as well as each nation team will lead one or several thematic workshops during youth exchange.


The Youth Exchange takes place on 05-13/11/2016 in Agros, Cyprus.

The Advanced Preparatory Visit (APV) attended earlier by each partners' group leader takes place on 21-23/10/2016.


Eligible Participants: Young people interested at the objectives of this project and willing to share what they learn.

The Green Elephant Foundation is entitled to send 4 participants from Poland aged 16-28 plus one group leader (no age limit) to attend the Youth Exchange.

    Apply by clicking the button below until 15th September. Fill out the application form (in Polish or English). We will inform you about the results of selection as soon as possible.

       The applicants chosen for participation will receive then additional information pack and registration form from the Cypriot coordinating organization. 





No participation fee!

100% of accommodation, food and activity costs are covered by the program.

The travel costs are reimbursed up to 170 euro/person.


Travel and accident insurance is a responsibility of the participants. You are advised to obtain a free European Health Insurance Card as well as buy a regular travel insurance for your whole stay in Cyprus.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

























































Old Masters - Young Traditions


Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project in Szeged, Hungary (31/08/2016 -11/09/2016).

Project implemented by Kisködmön Association (Hungary) in partnership with Fundacja "Zielony Słoń".

Erasmus+ Youth exchange project by Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa (Italy) in partnership with
Fundacja "Zielony Słoń" (Poland)

Project schedule.


Advaced Planned Visit (APV):  

18th (arrival) - 20th (departure) of March 2016

Participants:  1 group leader (no age limit) + 1 young participant (18- 25 y.o.) per partner organization.

Location: Santa Maria di Leuca (province of Lecce)


How to reach Leuca: closest airport is Brindisi Airport, than we could come to pick you from there or from Lecce (where you could go by bus). We will decide it later.



Youth Exchange

10th (arrival) - 17th (departure) of April 2016

Participants:  1 group leader (no age limit) + 5 young participant (18- 25 y.o.) per partner organization (some exceptions are possible up to 30 y.o.)

Location: Santa Maria di Leuca (province of Lecce)


How to reach Leuca: closest airport is Brindisi Airport, than we could come to pick you from there or from Lecce (where you could go by bus). We will decide it later.



for the APV:  up to 170 euro per person (from your town to final destination, Santa Maria di Leuca)

for the Youth Exchange:  170 euro per person  (from your town to final destination, Santa Maria di Leuca)

Accommodation and subsistence is covered.

        With the reference to one of the primary purposes of the European Union which is to promote peace and the well-being of its peoples, this project aims to encourage reflection
on what happened in the years of the Second World War by commemorating the Zivi Miller’s trip. He was a Jewish painter born in Bucharest who was deported with his family to Auschwitz, from which he escaped, with the help of the Soviet Army, and went to Santa Maria al Bagno in Italy. Here, he and his friends and familiars spent few years and painted graffiti and murals which are nowadays collected in the National Museum in the town of Nardò. When they left Italy, directed to Palestine (today State of Israel), were intercepted by an English military boat, they had to spend 6 months in Nicosia (Cyprus) as prisoners, before the arrival
to their Promised Land.
     The main stages of his trip towards the so called Promised Land were Bucharest (Romania), Zivi Miller’s hometown, Auschwitz (Poland), the Desplaced Camp n° 34 in Santa Maria al Bagno (Italy), Nicosia (Cyprus), and finally Haifa (today State of Israel). 
The project “The Long Way Home” intends to give the opportunity to over 20 young people (+ 4 group leader) from Italy, Romania, Poland and Cyprus to reflect on what makes the European project so special: the common history with its inglorious moments on one hand and tolerance, intercultural dialogue and reconciliation on the other. With the use of formal and non-formal methods, as ART, they are going to follow the four stages of Zivi Miller’s journey. This Jewish Romanian painter reached the Promised Land after having escaped from Auschwitz and living in Italy and Cyprus. The youth in the project are going to take part in 7 days activities, as following: visiting the local museum and historical site (in S.M. Al Bagno), attending seminars, public debates and round tables concerning the Shoah and the life of Zivi and other Jewish Romanian people, they are going to be encouraged to transfer their reflection on peace, tolerance and democracy by painting murals or graffiti on removable panels, thus commemorating the Zivi’s art. Their work will
be exposed during the last day in an Educational Center, which will be opened to the public.

     PROJECT’S PURPOSE: Reflect on causes of totalitarian regimes in Europe's modern history and encourage reconciliation as a means of moving beyond the past and building the future reaching younger generation. Reflect on causes of totalitarian regimes as reference points in recent European history.

Applying to the project via this website is reserved only for inhabitants of Poland.

In order to learn more about possibilites of your participation in the project, please contact the project coordinator: info@fattoriapugliesediffusa.it


In order to take part in the project, fill out the application below (Polish ver.). We will inform the people chosen for participation as soon as possible.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


























European Voluntary Service (EVS)

Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta is looking for volunteers under Erasmus+ EVS project to join its posts in several cities of Hungary.

Programe of the Youth exchange in Szeged:

1. Past: We focus on the roots of the participants, what defines them including the presentation of the local values, heritage of their own communities. This provides the opportunity for participants to get to know each other’s cultural foundations and explore the diversity of the group

2. Present: Focusing on the community forming during the exchange, learning allows the development of creativity, getting acquainted with different materials and techniques. Beside this, we also reflect on the possibility of using (reusing) traditional knowledge and materials in this day and age.

3. Future: Planning and building of a public community space in Szeged using the learnt materials and techniques. At the same time focusing the attention of the group to the responsible, creative participation in the environment surrounding them. Dissemination, follow up, closing: In the last, third phase of the project, participants report on the project results at their communities at home, they survey the possibilities of utilizing the acquired knowledge at home. Partners make the project results available for a wide audience with the help of the participants. The evaluation of the project also takes place in this phase on several levels (participant, group, organisational levels).

The Participants need to be prepared for the worskhops they will take, in which they will show and work with their own local treasuries, heritage and knowledge. We kindly ask the youngsters to search for personal experiences in the theme (local masters of traditions, gastronomy, dance, etc.) On the Youth Exchange they will have to share this knowledge with the other participants through non-formal learning methods. We won't give you any more technical or temathical details, it's up to the youngsters creativity: what does their roots mean to them, what is the part of their local identity and how they would like to introduce this to the others (at least 5 hours).



There is no participation fee. Food, accommodation and local travel costs (only during the activity program) will be covered 100% by the grant from the Hungarian National Agency of Erasmus+.

When you are selected for participation, please keep in mind the following instructions:

Travel costs reimbursement limit for Polish participants is 170 euro.

Important: DO NOT buy tickets before 1st August (you can book them, and pay after the 1th August – on the price, when you booked them – but the officially projekt start is the 1th August).

Reimbursement according to the rules of the Hungarian National Agency. Travel reimbursements can only be made by bank transfer to the Partner Organization and based on the real costs.

The bank transfer will be executed after (and up to the budget limit):

1. receiving all of the original documents (receipts, invoices, boarding passes and reimbursement claim) by post,

2. filling the form generated by the National Agency online evaluation through the Mobility Tool,

3. dissemination of results.

Rules for reimbursement:

1. Only the cheapest means of transportation will be accepted between the country of the Partner Organization and the venue;

2. Only uninterrupted travel expenses incurred within the activity start and end dates can be accepted for reimbursement;

3. The bank transfers costs can not covered by the project;

4. In order to avoid unnecessary stress and problems (e.g. loss of documents by the post) please send us scanned copies of all documents by email before sending by post.

5. All expenses must be converted to euros using the official exchange rate of the European Central Bank (ECB) on the date when the expense was paid. Link to ECB

6. In case the participant(s) fail(s) to engage in the activity(ies) daily program due to late arrival or early departure and not attending 100% of the sessions, the amount granted per participant per day will be deducted from the travel reimbursement. 

For travel cost please ask an invoice for the Hungarian coordinating organization's name: 

A Veszélyeztetett Szűcsmesterség Megőrzéséért Egyesület

Szeged 6723

Juharfás u 4/b



     The Youth Exchange is taking place on : 31/08/2016 - 11/09/2016 (travel day: 11/09) in Szeged, Hungary

The Green Elephant Foundation is entitled to send 4+1 participants from Poland: 4 people aged 17-25 and 1 group leader (no age limit).

The project is organized in the partnership of:

  • A Veszelyeztetett Szucsmesterseg Megorzeseert Egyesulet - Hungary

  • Fundacja „Zielony Slon” - Poland

  • Green Spirit - Greece


  • Espírito de Mudança - Associação Juvenil - Portugal

  • Shokkin Group Turkey – Turkey 

Each of the partners is sending its group 4+1 to the event in Szeged, Hungary.


     Within the framework of the project Old Masters – Young Traditions, we wish to implement a youth exchange in partnership with five European organisations with the inclusion of disadvantaged youth. During the project, we combine the development of cultural conscience and expression (with the emphasizing of the role of local knowledge, old professions, teaching of environment-friendly, sustainable methods and techniques) with community development, and responsibility towards the local environment and community.

The aims of the project:

  • form mutual tolerance among participating organisations and young people. Form international youth cooperation among organisations with similar profiles, laying the foundation of future joint personal and organisational work 

  • Relationship-building, sharing experiences and viewpoints regarding the topic

  • Development of the key competences of participating young people (among them, disadvantaged) primarily in the areas of cultural consciousness and expression, social activity and inclusion with the employment of motivating and creative crafting methods

  • We use natural materials in our project (wood, clay/mud, leather), with which, we would like to emphasize the opportunities of using environment-friendly materials in this day and age.

  • Emphasizing the important of local heritage, local knowledge, primarily learning techniques of old professions.

  • Deepening of the self-awareness of participating youth and the realization of their role and responsibility in their local communities, support of their active social role, development of their entrepreneurship skills and competences in order to allow them to make positive changes in their narrow and wide environment.

  • Fostering intercultural dialogue and intercultural sensitivity among participants. - Dissemination of achieved results.




Eligible Participants from Poland

  • 4 people aged 17-25

  • 1 group leader (no aged limit)


      Travel and accident insurance is a responsibility of the participants. You shall obtain the European Health Insurance Card in your city. it's free and gives you access to medical care of the host country. You are also advised to buy a regular travel and/ or accident insurance during your travel and your whole stay.

    Apply by clicking the button below until 22/07/2016. Fill out the application form (in Polish or English). We will inform you about the results of selection by the end of July at latest

       The applicants chosen for participation will receive then additional information pack and registration form from the coordinating organization. If you are chosen for participation, remember the 1st August is the first day you can buy travel tickets (Programe rules). If you buy earlier, it will not be reimbursed from the travel grant.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.














Cairo - Cape Town Hitchhiking Tour

Join EVS in Hungary!

Are you interested in living actively in a foreign country?

Working and learning a new language and culture?

Or getting to know yourself better?

Or wanting to know the liberating feeling of helping those in need?

Or increasing your sense of solidarity?

Or developing your social skills and enhancing your professional competences?

Or just wanting to get acquinted with the famous Hungarian hospitality?

If you are a young person (17-30 years old) with open mind, compassion, social sensitivity and a sense of humour or you want to become one having these traits, feel free to apply.

You are also encouraged to plan, launch, initiate, implement and manage your own projects within the framework of the insititution.

General Conditions

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements:

You will receive the monthly pocket money for your own personal spending and a daily financial support for your meal.

The project covers a one-time return ticket between Hungary and your home country, i.e. 100% of the travel expenses to arrive to Hungary and get back home will be reimbursed to you.

You shall be accommodated in a flat rented by our organisation.

Training during the opportunity
You will take part in Hungarian language support throughout your 12-month placement. We conduct a 10-day intensive on-arrival training in Budapest for our team of EVS volunteers in September, consisting of the culture, history, and traditions of Hungary, information and explanation on your future tasks, social care services in Hungary, team-building and personal development activities. We also organizes mid-term evaluation seminars, one-to-one meetings throughout the year, where you can acquire problem handling skills and get new ideas and inspiration for your own projects.

Volunteer profile
Openness and interest in the activities of our organization, understanding with the clients, compassion, social-sensitivity, sense of solidarity and a good sense of humour. Willingness to join and bring new colours to the everyday life of our institution. Creativity, moreover good organizational and communication skills.
We also expect our volunteer to be a full member of our team. The ideal candidate therefore must have a good command of the English language.

Additional information

General tasks

     The volunteer is to actively participate in the local Order of Malta group’s mission, helping those in need. Through his or her service s/he helps bringing people and cultures closer.
     His/her service is at the same time a learning process, through which s/he acquires new knowledge and competencies, enhancing his/her sense of societal responsibility.
     Our colleagues discuss the volunteer’s actual tasks and schedule with him/her, taking into consideration his/her capabilities and requests. S/he is drawn into our work gradually, so that s/he can learn the given fields and activities and know our colleagues working there. In this process the volunteer’s needs and preparedness are taken into account. Professional support is provided during his/her service. The appointed mentor is to personally support him/her throughout his/her placement. The volunteer takes part in the weekly team meetings and the monthly case discussions.

How to apply?

     Choose one of the volunteering opportunities from the list below - each Infopack is one EVS volunteering offer.

Send your CV (in English) and a short description of your person and motivation to email address of the contact person given in your chosen Infopack or just email us and we will do the rest!


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Green Elephant Foundation is the "golden sponsor" of the hitchhiking expedition made by the Broken Compass across Africa.


The journey is taken by a sole vounteer who starts it in March 2016 in Cairo and aims to finish it a year later in Cape Town.


It aims to learn about women's life in visited African countries, increase cultural awareness, create a series of guides and videoblogs on traveling across Africa which will be particularly focused on female travelers. It aims also to find traces of famous historical female travelers (e.g. Delia Akeley, Florence Baker) but also of the Polish traveler Kazimierz Nowak.


You may follow the journey on the official FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts or by visiting the website


You may also contribute and support the expedition. In order to do so, please contact: zepsutykompas@gmail.com



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