"Uniwersytet Ludowy Zeszczynki"

(Folk University of Zeszczynka)


Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Lokalnych w Żeszczynce 


    We have activated local society of Zeszczynka - a village in Poland well known for its milk production, near eastern border of EU - and supported their association in the creation, management and implementation of several new Grundtvig projects.

     We provided know-how in the very area of management and logistics as well as fresh human resources. One of the projects was "Uniwersytet Ludowy Zeszczynki" (the folk university of Zeszczynka). The project has been implemented in 2013.

     Within the project framework we have provided support (by giving free legal advice, ICT, coaching,, volunteering etc.) to the local people at the age of 60+. The project was funded by the Polish ministry.