"Academy of entrepreunership"

Polish-Lithuanian Youth Exchange Fund

spotkanie biznesowe

The project consist of two international events:

Advanced Preparatory Visit is planned 10-13 September in Zakopane. It shall be attended by 2 leaders form both organizations.

Youth Exchange takes place on 26.09 - 1.10. in Zakopane, Willa Jozef, Harenda 34. 

Each partner organization sends 10 youngsters (up to 29 years old) and 2 leaders.

The project is designed to foster the cooperation of Lithuanian and Polish youth in the developement of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

Aim: To enhance entrepreneurial and social entrepreneurial knowledge and produce entrepreneurial ideas in the spirit of partnership of Lithuanian and Polish youth.

Participants of the project: young people aged from 16 to 29 years.

Methods: “Points of You”, teaching tolerance, team building, brainstorming, group work, presentations, simulations, ice breaker activities, etc. Non-formal education activities, learning-by-doing and active participation.

Expected results:

  1. Established cooperation links between Lithuanian and Polish youth organizations.

  2. Clearly formulated ideas for entrepreneurship or social entrepreneurship and prepared action plans for their implementation.




      Travel and accident insurance is a responsibility of the participants.